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March 15, 2023: Hamer D. and Phyllis C. Shafer Foundation Supports the Muncie Children’s Museum More to Explore Capital Campaign with a $200,000 Grant

Throughout their lives, Hamer and Phyllis Shafer invested significantly in the Muncie community. Organizations that created opportunities for youth, particularly disadvantaged youth, were close to their hearts. They strongly valued the arts, education, and wellness, and generously gave of their time and money to help grow foundational organizations within our community.

February 20, 2023: Mutual Bank Charitable Foundation supports the More to Explore Campaign at MCM

For nearly 20 years, The Mutual Bank Charitable Foundation has been supportive of the Muncie Children’s Museum. The most recent gift of $100,000 will fund a portion of the exhibits and a portion of the Muncie Children’s Museum Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County as part of the More to Explore Campaign.

January 16, 2023: City of Muncie’s gift makes a positive impact on education
Mayor Ridenour strongly supports “local opportunities for kids to spark curiosity and develop a passion for learning.” He believes the Muncie Children’s Museum provides such learning opportunities for families and can do it in a way in which the City cannot.
Weather Barn
December 1, 2022: Robert A. & Beverly D. Terhune Foundation continue their tradition of support to the Muncie Children’s Museum with an impactful grant to the More To Explore Campaign
The generous grant by the Robert A. & Beverly D. Terhune Fund will support the new weather station exhibit planned to open in 2024. As the Museum surveyed visitors, teachers, and other groups about exhibit topics, weather was a recurring theme. People are intrigued by weather and its impact but Julie finds it exceptionally fascinating. She remembers being terrified of thunderstorms as a child and recalls the times when she was at the lake house with her family. The power would go out during storms and her mother would gather snacks and say “we’re going on an adventure.”
This is the Muncie Children’s Museum first capital campaign in over 25 years. The campaign will support new and enhanced exhibits throughout the museum.
November 21, 2022: Ball Brothers Foundation made two significant grants to the Muncie Children’s Museum for the More to Explore Campaign
According to Jenna Wachtmann, Vice President of Ball Brothers Foundation, “We are a family foundation that focuses on place-based funding rather than a specific issue. Our grants are dedicated to making Muncie and East Central Indiana vibrant places that people love to live, work, and raise their families.”
June 27, 2022: AEP Foundation gifts $250,000 to Muncie Children’s Museum to fund expansion of Discovery Park
Supporting this expansion by the Muncie Children’s Museum helps encourage an interest in learning at an early age, which is perfectly aligned with our foundation’s focus on improving lives through education,” said Rob Keisling, Indiana Michigan Power’s External Affairs Manager.
May 10, 2022: George and Frances Ball Foundation
“We couldn’t be more grateful to the George and Frances Ball Foundation for its generosity and laser focus on providing resources to our community’s youngest generation,” said Director of Development, Ashlee Anderson.
March 21, 2022: New and Improved Exhibits
Existing exhibits such as the ant wall, the weather station, the train exhibit, and Discovery Park all have significant plans for improvement, as well as the museum’s entry. New exhibits include a hands-on construction zone and an interactive White River water exhibit.
March 2, 2022: Public Phase begins
Now entering its public phase, the “More to Explore” campaign has already been the recipient of over $2.2 million in pledges and donations from local donors, companies and foundations.

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