Where the Funds
will be Invested

Exhibit Upgrades

Our upgraded exhibits will provide interactive opportunities for children to practice transportable 21st century skills. These exhibits strengthen valuable skills with intentionally designed exhibits that let children explore their world, get ready for school, and prepare for the workforce while having fun.

Children will collaborate while building boats and dams with family and new friends at the White River Water Table. Children will communicate their scientific observations about nature while exploring Discovery Park. Motor skill development will be strengthened as kids follow the trains, push buttons, and crawl through a tunnel in the Muncie & Delaware Model Train Exhibit. Young active minds will be using critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they create interior designs or build a home in the Construction Zone.

Rebuild of Muncie and Delaware Model Train$395,000

A new train layout will display scenes, buildings, and activities familiar to children. Hands-on components will explore train-related careers and facts on the locomotives that move through Muncie.

Expansion of Discovery Park$945,000

Children will examine the power and importance of the White  River at the new water table. A refurbished ant wall will examine the industrious life of  ants. A weather station will teach families how to observe their ever-changing environment. The interactive forest will expand to provide more “habitats” for our MCM animals.

Creation of Hands-On Construction Zone$615,000

Children will have various opportunities to design and build different components of a house from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. They will explore multiple interactive opportunities to use engineering, critical thinking, math, and art skills to design and build.

Upgrade to Facilities and Operations$545,000

After twenty-four years in our current location and close to 900,000 visitors, our facility needs some upgrades. Refurbished restrooms, multipurpose rooms, stairs, hallways, and exhibit flooring will brighten up the place. A decoratively enhanced entry area will be more welcoming. Funds will also support capital campaign costs, expanded staff, and enhanced marketing.

Investment in the MCM Endowment$500,000

The Muncie Children’s Museum endowment is managed by our friends at The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County. The funds from the endowment help to support the Museum’s exhibits and programs annually. An investment in the endowment helps guarantee a bright future for MCM and the children we serve.

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