Mutual Bank Charitable Foundation supports the More to Explore Campaign at the Muncie Children’s Museum

February 20, 2023

For nearly 20 years, The Mutual Bank Charitable Foundation has been supportive of the Muncie Children’s Museum. The most recent gift of $100,000 will fund a portion of the exhibits and a portion of the Muncie Children’s Museum Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County as part of the More to Explore Campaign. While the foundation has transferred its assets to the Mutual Legacy Fund at the Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County, the fund’s goals will continue to focus on Economic Development, Education, and United Way projects.  

Dave Heeter, an Advisory Board Member for the Mutual Legacy Fund, Executive Vice President, Northwest Corporate Ambassador and Management Consultant believes that the Muncie Children’s Museum has not only had an educational impact on our community, but has had an impact on economic development in our area as well.


According to Heeter, the Mutual Bank Charitable Fund (Mutual Legacy Fund) “chose to support the Muncie Children’s Museum because it fit two of their funding fields of interest and the museum is an educational resource that can benefit the whole community.”

Heeter feels that the hands-on learning opportunities make it a quality educational resource in the Muncie community and surrounding areas. As far as the economic impact that the Muncie Children’s Museum has on our community, Heeter said, “it is not only a resource for people who live here, but it attracts visitors to our community.”  Hands-on learning opportunities have been the mission of the Muncie Children’s Museum since its inception in 1977. “The Muncie Children’s Museum strongly believes in learning through play. For over 45 years, we have provided fun through educational and interactive opportunities for children in a safe and creative environment. The changes planned as part of the More To Explore Campaign will continue and expand our mission,” said Kynda Rinker, Executive Director.

The More to Explore Campaign will focus on the upgrade or renovation of five exhibit areas: The Model Train Exhibit, Water Table, Nature Area & Modified Ant Wall, Weather Station, and Construction Zone. Heeter said “the new exhibits go hand in hand with the Cradle to Career and BY5 Kindergarten Readiness initiatives in our community.” He is looking forward to the completion of the Construction Zone because it will get younger people interested in how to build things.

The More to Explore Campaign has currently raised over $2.6 million with a goal of $3 million. To donate or learn more about the new exhibits coming as part of the More to Explore Campaign, please visit or contact Kira Childers at

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